Atelier Materi Discovery Set

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$ 40.00
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Atelier Materi Discovery Set at indigo Perfumery


Meet Atelier Materi's six French fragrances, including the intriguing new Narcisse Taiji

You will receive a 2 ml. spray vial of the new Narcisse Taiji, Cacao Porcelana, Santal Blond, Iris Ebène (formerly Cuir d'Iris), Poivre Pomelo and Bois d'Ambrette (formerly Peau d'Ambrette), all perfectly contained in a handy box for safe storage. 

When you purchase the Atelier Materi Discovery Set, we will send you a coupon code for $10 off one full bottle from the Atelier Materi collection.

A perfect opportunity to see how the perfumes interact with your skin's chemistry and appreciate the beauty of each fragrance!

6 x 2 ml. spray samples

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