Indigo by Baruti

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Indigo by Baruti

-radiating blue summer skies, continuous music, and effervescent big-city life. 

After opening with a fresh, clean note, Indigo takes you on a journey of animalic / narcotic hyacinth flowers that eventually combine with a woody-ambery-incense base.



Notes: Mastic oil (Chios), Rose (Greece), Hyacinth, Frankincense (Oman), Cedar wood Atlas, Sandalwood, Nooud, Amber

Family: Spicy, Resinous Woody

30 ml. Extrait de Parfume spray, 1 ml. spray sample



An eloquent review on Indigo by Keyvan Mashhadi at the Pierre de Nishapur website:


"...It's one of the most joyful floral balmy unisex fragrances I've ever seen to be highly harmonized to fashion world..."


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