Summer Fix Sampler

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$ 22.00
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It’s time to lighten up!

We’ve sniffed our way through the store to collect this group of scents that are refreshing, invigorating, sensual or just plain fun!

Are you ready to go?


Eau Fraîche by Monsillage

As it says: clean, fresh and perfection for that hot, summer day.

Notes of Pinot Grigio by Kelly & Jones

Bright and refreshing, Pinot Grigio includes the unusual notes of yuzu grapefruit, starfruit, green apple and camellia.

  Bergamotto di Positano by Floris London

This marine/citrus fragrance evokes the warmth of a Mediterranean sea breeze, sunshine and clear shimmering water. Sensual.

  Brezza di Mare by i Profumi di Firenze

Beautifully captures the airy freshness of an ocean breeze, giving the skin the elegant, understated scent of sea and sand.

  Provanilla by Providence Perfume

One of the best vanillas out there, Provanilla consists of the most unusual notes (in addition to 5 different natural vanillas): fresh melon aldehyde, mimosa, rose and myrrh. Yep! Perfect for summer (& all natural).

  Gin and Tonic Cologne by Art de Parfum

An ice-cool gin tonic accord, brought alive with grapefruit peel, sweet resinous juniper and a slice of fresh-cut cucumber. It says summer with a capital S!

  Brooklyn by Gallivant

A perfect choice for spring and summer days that take you not to the streets of Brooklyn, but rather for a walk in Brooklyn's Botanical Garden. You may be surrounded by nature, but you're always aware of the sophisticated city.


You will receive all seven 1 ml. spray samples for $22, plus a coupon code for $10 off one full bottle from the Summer Fix Sampler.

The samples are provided in 2 ml. glass spray vials filled with 1 ml. of perfume. The samples are prepared by hand with the actual, original perfume from the perfumer.


Customer Reviews

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Fun and Lovely Set

The scents in this set are delightfully diverse but all drop-dead gorgeous, and all work especially well in the warmer temps and sunshine of summer (or summer-like spring days). Testing the samples, I was reminded again of why I love niche -- and couldn’t resist adding a few new full bottles to my wish list!

Glad you liked the Summer Sampler. It puts a smile on our faces whenever we prepare them!

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