La Tsarine by Senyoko

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La Tsarine by Senyoko at Indigo Perfumery

Catherine the Great remains one of the most important and truly fascinating rulers of the Russian Empire. Her diplomatic pursuits, intelligence and determination are well documented, no more so than her boudoir conquests. 

Senyokô’s La Tsarine portrays Catherine the Great’s most notable characteristics in equal measure - her power, intellect and diplomacy as a ruler and her intimacy, confidence and licentiousness as a lover. Both facets of her personality are beautifully balanced in this conceptually bold and shockingly divisive fragrance.

The empress has this aura, this persistent, sweet and carnal perfume which trails in her wake, a combination of her own and her anointed. The smell rises, mingles and torments, it is her essence; narcotic, stimulating and raw. A powerful and intoxicating blend of the finest flowers, exotic oils, unctuous balms and most importantly, her aphrodisiac skin in the 17-18th century the Russian court: body odor mingled with floral/sweet notes. 


Top Notes: Blackcurrant, Honey, Saffron, Petitgrain, and Clary sage

Heart Notes: Tuberose, Narcissus, Dried fruit, Cumin, Jasmine absolute, and Orange flower absolute

Base Notes: Musk, Civet, Papyrus, Costus, Guaiac, Cedar, Sandalwood, Castoreum, Oak moss, and Fir balsam


Family: Animalic, Musky, Woody floral

Perfumer: Euan McCall (Jorum Laboratories)

50 ml. EdP spray, 1 ml. spray sample 

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