Camel by Zoologist

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What an Arabian Caravan!

In Zoologist's latest fragrance, Camel, beautiful aromas of rose, along with jasmine-infused, succulent dried fruits, are joined by an alluring blend of myrrh, incense, cinnamon and amber. Animalistic musks and authentic oud surround this rich tapestry.

A sensual caravan of fragrance carries you away, accompanying the camel on its long journey across the ageless desert. 


Top Notes: Dried Fruits, Frankincense, Palm Date, Rose

Heart Notes: Amber, Cedar, Cinnamon, Incense, Jasmine, Myrrh, Orange Blossom

Base notes: Civet*, Musk*, Oud, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Vetiver

*These are synthetic notes as Zoologist does NOT use real animal products.

Perfumer:  Christian Carbonnel

60 ml. EXTRAIT (with a 20% perfume concentration) spray  and 1 ml. glass spray sample

Family: Oriental

Customer Reviews

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Signature scent worthy!

A beautiful mix of deep and fresh expertly blended with great performance. This may be a bit on the animalic side for some, but I think if you can get to the drydown it will be well worth the wait.

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