Lustre by Hiram Green

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Lustre by Hiram Green has arrived at Indigo Perfumery! 

Imagine the sun rising over seemingly endless fields of roses in the heartland of Bulgaria. Soft, golden rays of sunlight tenderly encourage the delicate pink petals to release their delightful scent.

Hiram Green's newest perfume, Lustre, is a deceptively simple and elegant soliflore: rose from beginning to end.

It is a luminous and fresh perfume that adds sheen to your day. Life is golden. 

Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Citrus, Orris, Olibanum 

Family: Floral

50 ml. EdP spray bottle, 1 ml. sample in glass spray bottle

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Customer Reviews

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Now I have three favorite rose perfumes!

It took me about 5 years of perfuming to warm up to rose. When I finally did it was the gorgeous and understated Shanti Shanti by Miller et Bertaux with its smooth sandalwood base. Quickly after came rose with a springly twist of grapefruit in Rose Magnetic by Essential Parfums (also available at Indigo at a fantastic price). Now I officially have a trio of rose favorites! Lustre is probably the richest of the three. The rose is strong without being a heavyweight, lifted just a touch by citrus that otherwise is not an attention grabber. There is a simultaneous dusty and airy quality to the rose thanks to frankincense, which becomes the prominent, calming note in the drydown. If you are familiar with the spacy feeling of unburned natural frankincense, which is not smoky or heavy at all, this is it. I can't identify orris on its own but it is probably doing some texture work here. An all-natural stunner I'll be wearing this fall.

Thank you, Laura! I love to refer to Lustre as shimmering. It is the first rose perfume we list in our upcoming Rose Palette Sampler.

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