Maison Sybarite Discovery Set

$ 30.00
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Maison Sybarite Discovery Set is at Indigo Perfumery


Indulge yourself in an extraordinary experience of sensuality and life’s pleasures with our planet-friendly water-based Maison Sybarite Perfume Discovery Set. 

Includes 2 ml. spray samples of all 5 Eau de Parfums:

Amber Gaze (brand new)~ Creamy floral, Spicy, Hypnotic

720~ Racy, Carnal, Powerful

Opulent Wood~ Warm, Spicy, Bewitching

Bed of Roses~ Sensual, Powdery, Addictive

Spicy Calabria~ Earthy, Leathery, Velvet




"As a clean fragrance brand, we use both synthetic aromatic compounds and plant-based essential oils that are considered to be safe components for long term use. We are totally devoted to keep you safe and healthy. Our innovative technology is the cleanest available technology in the perfume industry, using ultrapure water (UPW) which is 100% consumable."

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