Neroli Palette Sampler at Indigo

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$ 20.00
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Neroli equals refreshing, uplifting, green, spicy, honeyed, calming, happy and aromatic.

One of the most popular ingredients in perfumery, the essential oil comes from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. It can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways. Here's your chance to discover its diversity:

Aleksandr by Arquiste demonstrates how Neroli seamlessly blends with a melange of ingredients with character to complement this ambery leather.

Neroli Oud by Au Pays de la Fleur d'Oranger moves Oud to a strictly supporting role as it features Neroli as its exciting main character. 

Neroli Blanc Eau de Perfume by Au Pays de la Fleur d'Oranger is a beautiful example of the orange tree in full bloom.

Special No 127 by Floris is a brilliantly blended cologne for men that spotlights Neroli, Lavender and Geranium- a real classic for men.

Secrets du Paradis Rouge by Jul et Mad is a beautifully composed interpretation of the orange blossom- so much so that its spices and woods merely back up the star.

Tangerine Thyme Cologne by Providence Perfume is the ultimate definition of a refreshing citrus... and amazingly, an all natural perfume also. Charna pulls it off beautifully!

You will receive all six 1 ml. spray samples for $20, plus a coupon code for $10 off a full bottle from the Neroli Palette Sampler.

The samples are provided in 2 ml. glass spray vials filled with 1 ml. of perfume. The samples are prepared by hand with the actual, original perfume from the perfumer.


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