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Osiris by Sylvaine Delacourte at Indigo


Delicious Orange Blossom- its golden petals are reflected in a honeyed note enhanced with sesame chips.

Osiris is an exquisite and enveloping ode to orange blossom. Clementine and pink berries combine at the top for a sparkling flight, contrasted by gourmet and surprising sesame effects. The orange blossom melts in the heart in the honeyed and delicious reflections. The wake full of comfort and softness is enhanced by the strength of cedar wood and guaiac wood.

Osiris is the name of an Egyptian deity and king. According to the story, told by the Greek writer Plutarch, he is the son of the goddess of Heaven and the god of the Earth, which makes him a complex god with many facets. A God of abundance, he is the spirit of the vegetation which is constantly offering men the luxuriance of wheat, vines and trees.

Top Notes: Clementine, Pink berries (Roses de Baies), Sesame

Heart Notes: Orange blossom

Base Notes: Cedar, Guaiac wood

100 ml., 30 ml., and 1 ml. spray sample EdP

Perfumer: Irene Farmachidi

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