• Winter Scents on New Day Cleveland

    Posted by Ann Onusko

    Ann returned to the New Day Cleveland Show to present Indigo's selection of 6 perfumes that are perfect for winter:

    Bengale Rouge by Papillon Perfumery

    Golden fur, swathed in sandalwood and doused in honey.
    A cozy, comforting treat that ends with a most beautiful incense (from the sweet Myrrh) lingering on your skin.

    Think a cozy night in front of the fireplace on a snowy evening. 

    Bo by Liis

    A California winter vibe

    Redwood pine, elemi, and cedar bring a dense, coastal forest to life.

    Forest notes give way to beautiful, soft notes of vanilla, incense, and tobacco. 

    Winter by hima jomo

    hima jomo’s ode to the beauty of the Himalayas

    -surprisingly uplifting, reflecting the crisp, icy air with its mint opening

    Bosc by Bravanariz

    Our new line is Bravanariz, an all-natural line from Catalonia, in the NE part of Spain with Barcelona as its major city.

    Head through the fields up into the Pyrenees mountains- this is its inspiration and the source of the perfume’s ingredients. Their goal is to capture the aromatic essence of these natural landscapes

    Bosc is the smell of winter- and a landscape scent. Bosc means woods in Catalan.

    Including pine, rosemary (these boost mood) and oak moss and juniper to relax muscles

    Eau Couer by Thomas De Monaco

    Eau Coeur is an incredibly smooth, sensual, soft fragrance

    -It opens with a radiant magnolia with delicate accents of fruity osmanthus, rose, oak and cedar, eventually becoming a beautiful ambery scent with vanilla, tonka bean & musk

    -Hours later you catch puffs and go Oohhh!

    Indigo Smoke by Arquiste

    Rich, sophisticated and long-lasting, with notes of lapsang souchong tea, mandarin orange, apricot, guaiac wood, incense and pine tar.




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