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Prosody London at Indigo Perfumery


Indigo is excited to welcome the arrival of these 100% natural, vegan and organic perfumes, colognes and hair sprays. The complex and beautiful Prosody London fragrances contain essential oils (steam distilled, cold-pressed), natural isolates and CO2 extractions to create the fragrances and are hexane free. No synthetics are ever used. Natural isolates carry EU certification. The fragrances are cruelty free and not tested on animals.


"Prosody is an Old English word (from Latin) meaning the rules governing poetic form and rhythm. We see the success of natural perfume requiring greater disciple of structure, balance and beauty." 

Perfumer Keshen Teo grew up in Singapore, learning the  healing  properties of plants from his family. He lives a life of mindfulness and natural remedies, avoiding the synthetics that pollute waterways and build up in the ecosystem of plants and animals.

His aim is simple yet challenging: beauty, immediacy, complexity and longevity. 

Kershen Teo, Prosody London at Indigo Perfumery 

Keshen Teo- Creative Director and the natural nose


In the domain of all-natural perfumery, everything must be done with the inherent qualities of the beautiful materials available, rather than produced to order with a laboratory effort.

Natural materials drive us to greater resourcefulness, experiment and imaginative exploration. And when outstanding beauty is the result the pleasure is almost of receiving a gift from nature; as though the materials themselves had cooperated in revealing fresh and unsuspected facets of delight.

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