Welcome to Indigo.

Indigo Perfumery is devoted to indie, niche and artisanal perfumes. We seek out unique, exquisite essences handcrafted by fine perfumers, and offer their lines rarely found anywhere else in world. Choose from our expertly curated collection of local, national and international fragrances, many of which are made with natural ingredients. Find your perfect scent to delight, enchant, and enhance the beauty of your mind, body, and soul.

Located in Lakewood, a most dynamic and diverse suburb of Cleveland, our goal is to share our passion for fragrance. Indigo showcases an elegant library of outstanding fragrances for both men and women. We are devoted to our customers and strive to offer exceptional customer service and a friendly atmosphere.

A visit to Indigo’s gallery of scents is a personalized experience where our customers can quietly interact with the perfumes in order to find the scents that move them most.  Ann Bouterse, Indigo's owner, and our perfume specialists can guide you in your exploration, or merely be available for assistance if requested.

Indigo celebrates fragrance as art with our scent events, ranging from Mix Your Own Scent workshops, our Scent Quarter perfume bar where you can create your own scent at any time, our themed classes and our informal meet and greet parties with the perfumers and industry professionals.

We look forward to meeting you!