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Join Indigo for a live Instagram event to meet Prosody London!

by Mary Farrell 09 Oct 2021

Join us this Sunday for an intriguing discussion
about the gorgeous natural fragrances of Prosody London!

Independent Bio-parfum brand based in London. All Prosody London natural fragrances are made by hand in England. 

They are 100% committed to a practice of sustainable, plant-based perfumery that matches and exceeds the creative achievements of synthetic fragrances. Pure Botanicals as Olfactive Art

Prosody uses only natural ingredients of which the great majority are organic. Their materials meet global standards for purity. All essential oils are either steam distilled or CO2 extracted, and hexane free. Natural isolates carry EU natural certification. Their fragrances are cruelty free and not tested on animals.

Prosody is an old English word for the structure and rhythm of poetry. We chose this as our name because while many synthetic provide an unvarying uniformity to fragrances, naturals are both more beautiful and more mobile in character.

All-natural perfumery is a rigourous discipline of building bridges between materials to form an interesting journey with a coherent idea; an art analogous to poetry.

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