Rose Palette Sampler at Indigo

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$ 33.00
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Rose Palette Sampler at Indigo

A collection of outstanding rose perfumes that will have you swooning:

Rose Ardoise: a truly androgynous rose that explores its urban and mineral facets

Kintsugi: rose and magnolia join together in this happy, memorable gem by Masque Milano

Rose de Mai: Jean-Claude Ellena’s reflection of Grasse and its gorgeous roses (“with soft and voluptuous notes”) by Perris Monte Carlo

Rose Magnetic: a vibrant, modern rose by Essential Parfums

Amorem Rose: “a tender, luminous and, like a perfect soufflé, wonderfully indulgent” rose by SHALINI as described by Victoria Frolova (Bois de Jasmin) in The Financial Times

Tobacco Rose: Liz Moores of Papillon Perfumery described Tobacco Rose as “my olfactory portrait of a rose almost at the point of death, buried deep in the wet earth after a thunderstorm.” Need we say more?

A Rose For… : a contemporary, oriental rose with a deep, woody base by Floris

Love Kills: Masque Milano's beautiful, melancholic memory of how sweet this swiftly a fading romance has been.

Rose Atlantic: a soft rose interpretation by hipsters D.S. and Durga


Nine 1 ml. spray samples for $33. (The Amorem Rose will be .33 ml. due to the product cost.)

You will also receive a coupon code for $10 off one full bottle from the Rose Palette Sampler!

Exclusively at Indigo.


Please note: Indigo reserves the right to replace a perfume sample in any Indigo Sampler with another perfume if we are out of stock.

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