Love and Crime by Ex Idolo

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Love and Crime Eau de Parfum by Ex Idolo at Indigo Perfumery

Inspired by the 1905 daring Boston prison escape by Thomas Howard and May Coyle when saws hidden in a large wedding cake helped the couple break out, Love and Crime is a dark gourmand, quite a departure for Ex Idolo.

As Ex Idolo puts it, "1905 Boston prison escape, girl bakes a cake 🍰, girl hides saws in a cake 💡, girl helps her love escape💍. True story that got us inspired." 

Love and Crime's opening of red mandarin and pink pepper sets the contrast with its gourmand heart and base notes of rose, bitter cocoa and vanilla. Delicious in a most unusual way.

The dark notes of cocoa juxtapose against the brightness of red mandarin and pink pepper to act as a metaphor illustrating how life's cross roads can reveal hidden layers within our personalities.

The notes structure reflects the cake that May used as an instrument of escape:

Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Red Mandarin

Heart Notes: Classic Feminine Florals, Baking Sugar, Star Anise

Base Notes: Natural Cocoa, Vanilla Sponge Cake

Family: Deep-Gourmand Floral

30 ml. EdP spray, 1 ml. spray sample


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