Absolue d’Osmanthe by Perris Monte Carlo

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Absolue d’Osmanthe by Perris Monte Carlo is at Indigo


Harvested in the summer months, deep within Guilin, Absolute d’Osmanthe is a modern take on the centuries-old essence. Osmanthus flowers bloom between October and November, filling the entire valley with a scent of dreams. For the past 2,000 years, this fragrant flower, its smell reminiscent of an Apricot, has been enamored by many. The best essence variety is also known to be the most fragile. Its fruits are dark red drops that are like an olive (also known as the fragrant or sweet olive tree).

Absolue d'Osmanthe is a sultry and audacious fragrance built around the osmanthus flower, with sweet fruity accents. Jasmin sambac and sandalwood compliment and give strength to the enigma of the perfume. The base reveals a sultry aroma where vanilla, labdanum and Tolu balsam are blended together to create the perfect harmony.


Top Notes: Osmanthus Absolute China, Plum, Baie Rose

Heart Notes: Jasmine Sambac, Tolu Balsam

Base Notes: Labdanum, Vanilla, Dry Woods, Sandalwood

Jean-Michel Santorini

100 ml. EdP spray  and 1 ml. glass spray sample

Family: Floral

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