NEZ Olfactory Magazine #10 at Indigo

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NEZ Olfactory Magazine #10 at Indigo Perfumery

From nose to mouth

Fall 2020 / Winter 2021


Reflections on the links between our two chemical senses, through the prisms of history, philosophy, health, industry and marketing.

How does taste work, what does it have in common with smell? How do you create aromas? And perfumes with taste notes? What influence do odors have on our food?

This tenth issue explores the affinities between our nose and our mouth, between perfumery and cuisine. If taste and smell are not one, they are closely associated.

Nez offers to discover the world through our olfactory sensations, with a multidisciplinary approach: art, literature, photography, science, history, gastronomy, perfumery… To understand the essential role of smell in our life.

Everything you always wanted to know about smells without ever daring to ask.
The secrets of aldehydes
The fig tree, a sunny tree
The odors of the equestrian center dissected

Invisible, unavoidable, scents accompany all fields of creation.

Luca Guadagnino , sensory escapades
Middle East , the wake as an ornament
The harvester-manipulator Louis Brochet
Gaiamothertree , by Ernesto Neto
The lunch of the boaters , by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
The olfactory chronicle of Céline Ellena

An exploration of the world of perfumes through its actors, its manufacturing secrets, its history.

Report : cardamom
Interview : Dominique Ropion
Flashback : the 1930s
The imaginary store


Printed in English. 160 pages

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