Vetiver Naturals Notebook by Nez at Indigo

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Vetiver Naturals Notebook by Nez at Indigo Perfumery

Vetiver in Perfumery

Originating in India and cultivated principally in Haiti, vetiver is a topical grass whose tangled roots contain a fragrant essence that can be extracted via steam distillation.

At once fresh, citrusy, vegetal, woody and smoky; vetiver's essential oil is a perfume all on its own. 

Though once emblematic of classic masculine perfumery, vetiver has long-since become a staple of the perfumer's palette and lent its characteristic aroma to countless compositions for both men and women.

Nez + LMR* - Natural Notebooks - 96 pages 

Authors: Eléonore de Bonneval, Jeanne Doré, Anne-Sophie Hojlo & Delphine de Swardt 

Published June 10, 2020

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