Nuit de Bakelite

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Nuit de Bakélite by Naomi Goodsir at Indigo Perfumery

A unique, green & addictive composition. Avant-garde. 

Inspiration - The premise of the narcotic lady: tuberose. A focus on the small peduncle that connects the flower to the stem, the sound of latex when several stalks of tuberose tangle, the wild majesty of the Persian tuberose.

Genderless.  F. / M.

Notes:  Tuberose, Galbanum, Angelica flower, Fleur d’Immortelle, Artemisia, Iris, Wooden & Leather accord, Tobacco, Styrax

50ml  Eau de parfum spray, 1 ml. spray sample

Perfumer : Isabelle Doyen (2017)


One of the “111 perfumes to smell before dying” selected over a period of 130 years, from Jicky (1889) to Nuit de Bakélite (2017) by the french journalists of Nez la Revue. One of the top 10 niche perfumes of the decade (2010/2020) among almost 20,000 launches, by Au Parfum

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