Delta of Venus

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Delta of Venus - NEW by Eris Parfums!

DELTA OF VENUS is a guava-centric floral that reimagines the Garden of Eden’s Forbidden Fruit. It opens with an effervescent burst of juicy bergamot and grapefruit, slinks toward a luscious guava accord created exclusively for ERIS by perfumer Antoine Lie, morphing into a kaleidoscope of carnal tropical fruit notes. 

DELTA OF VENUS's Garden of Eden is complete with a hissing serpent in the form of a gorgeously bitter green Galbanum note and the fallen, decadent sensuality of the indolic white flower, Jasmine Sambac. 

Banishment from Paradise has never smelled so good.

"With DELTA OF VENUS,  I tried to capture the natural scent of a ripe, juicy guava with all of its aromatic facets. Combined with a floral woody backbone, the outcome is a very colorful and sparkling yet textured olfactive structure."— Antoine Lie, Perfumer, ALOE 


TOP: Italian Bergamot, American Grapefruit

HEART: Egyptian Jasmine Sambac, Egyptian Violet Leaf

BASE: Guava accord, Iranian Galbanum, Haitian Vetiver, Sandalwood 

Family: Fruity

50 ml Eau de Parfum (20% concentration) spray and 1 ml. glass spray sample 

Perfumer: Antoine Lie

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