Prosody London Unisex EdP Sample Set

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Prosody London Unisex EdP Sample Set at Indigo Perfumery


The Unisex EDP sample set are designed to both male and female wearers. The range consist of Mocha Muscari - and amber, chocolaty scent, Oud Octavo - a woody Oud scent, Neroli Nuance - a bright summer orange blossom scent and Lantern Reed - a scent like magical fireflies.

"Making organic fragrances is hard. These guys are very good at it." Luca Turin, the most respected perfume critic in the world.



Evocative and enigmatic. An ambery chocolaty scent makes a counterpoint with fresh notes of mango, jasmine and lavender, on a base of black agarwood and sandalwood. Our most surprising and seductive creation.


Alluring and addictive, rich and woody. Opening with mystic olibanum tinged with coconut and bergamot, it reveals a melodious heart of cedarwood and oud, a rare harmony that never dies. Intriguing and intoxicating.


Bright and summery, fresh and flirtatious. A captivating blend of neroli, blood orange, candlewood supported with an exciting base of orange blossom and labdanum. An elegant embrace. Contains Oakmoss.


To calm and cheer, to intrigue and allure, Lantern Reed has all the mystery and subtlety to please at any time, creating its own cocoon of grapefrruit, peony leaf orris and vetiver sophistication.

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