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fallintostars by strangelove at Indigo Perfumery


love without boundaries...fallintostars

fallintostars propels a mystical experience of boundless wonder, as lovers transcend time and space to journey into a parallel universe. This dazzling fragrance ignites the smoldering flame of their passion, incandescent as a meteor shower that lights up the night.

Honeyed notes of jonquil nectar bring a delicate sparkle to the enveloping drama of pure Indian oud, the deep sensuality of rosewood, the powerful warmth of amber and the rose-inflected sweetness of pink peppercorns.

Apply onto pulse points to soar into the next dimension.

Extrait de Parfum

Master Perfumer: Christophe Laudamiel

50 ml. spray, 15 ml. spray, .7 ml. spray sample

Available  for special order: 10 ml. oil roll-on, 1.25 ml. perfumed oil with 24" necklace

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