Ambre Blends at Indigo Perfumery


Ambre Blends is an independent, women-owned business which has been producing high-quality, organic body products since 2001. 

Handcrafted to intrinsically blend with your body’s chemistry, Ambre Blends  organic essences radiate a unique fragrance specific to you.

The oil essences are more than an enhancement of your senses – they are the beginning of a newfound sense of self. Experience where Ambre Blends will take you; the path, destination, the discovery.

The five all-natural essences are created with pure, organic, and natural vegan ingredients and are designed to be worn by both men and women. The organic fragrance oils actually cause people to be stopped in their tracks and asked "What is it that you are wearing?"

Ambre Blends fragrances and creams are NOT available online. 

Please visit our boutique to purchase, or call us to place your order.



Ahnu Essence is the newest Ambre Blend essence! The first new scent since 2011, Ahnu is a fresh and suave natural fragrance that has a clean and earthy aroma.

Ahnu is reminiscent of the fresh, earthly smell that happens when you walk outside on a spring day and it just rained. Its aroma mixes the sweet, tenacious scents of tuberose and lotus flower with the warm soft notes of violet leaf, tobacco and champaca. However, it absolutely remains a light, elegant fragrance.

Ambre Essence is the original Ambre Blend. It carries a clean, euphoric and sensual aroma. This flirtatious essence is the base of all Ambre Blends products. Its notes remain a company secret.

Invoke Essence builds on the Ambre Essence by adding a stimulating blend of pure jasmine, neroli, sandalwood and a hint of rose. This essence invokes the scent of spring blooms kissed by the sun.

Solace Essence infuses Ambre Essence with a sensuous vanilla blend, interwoven with a rare special ingredient. This essence was created for the sole purpose of comfort and attraction.

Unmasque Essence combines Ambre essence with over thirteen pure oils to ground you and allure others. This essence was created to reveal the true individuality in all of us.


Inside Ambre Essences


"We’re often asked how we make Ambre Blends and what’s inside. We can’t reveal all of our secrets but we can give you a taste of how we make our 100% natural, handmade, organic products. From the body cream to the skin tonic, our products come in four unique essences all with Ambre essence as the base. If you haven’t tried layering your different products and essences, mix and match them to create your own combination.

Each essence is made to complement your body’s natural chemistry, which means they will smell slightly different on everyone. We’re giving you an inside look into some of the organic ingredients we source to produce Ambre Blends.

Rose: Found in the Invoke essence, rose is a great anti-inflammatory and antidepressant. Relieving anxiety, boosting self esteem and confidence, and increasing your mental strength are all reasons rose is commonly used in aromatherapy. When it comes to skin, rose helps fade scars, acne and cracks while giving you shining, fresh and youthful skin.

Amber: We can’t tell you the ingredients in our signature Ambre essence (it’s top secret!) but we will let you know that it contains a blend of amber oils. Amber oils have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine for several reasons including that they increase the heart’s energy flow. They have a psychoactive effect that relaxes the brain waves and are also used as a natural aphrodisiac.

Frankincense: One of the ingredients in our Unmasque essence people often notice is Frankincense. For skincare, you have to love that Frankincense helps lift skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles with its anti-aging properties. It is also used to help fade stretch marks and scars, reduce stress, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and improve digestion.

Sandalwood: Found in both the Invoke and Unmasque, Sandalwood has many health benefits you’ll love. Safe for both internal and external applications, Sandalwood makes a great antiseptic agent. Although it’s mild, it is used as an astringent which helps for tightening the skin. It soothes skin and helps heal scars, induces relaxation and positive thoughts, and can be found in many skincare products.

Neroli: Who doesn’t love feeling happy and being in a great mood? Neroli drives away sadness and brings a feeling a joy. Protecting you from coughs and colds in the winter, it can also treat food poisoning and cure skin infections. It’s an all-around immune system booster. Grow stronger and healthier with the help of neroli as it promotes the generation of new cells and stimulates the health of those already present."

It is likely, as with all oil-based, natural fragrances, that your sense of smell will become accustomed to the scent. This means that, after wearing our products for a period of time, the scent will become a part of you and you may begin to become immune to the fragrance on your body. However, keep in mind that others will always smell it on you as the delicate scent radiates from your body. Additionally, because Ambre Blends products are activated by your body’s warmth, you may find it difficult to smell the product in its packaging. You need to put it on and heat it up in order to get a true sense of the scent.