Astrophil & Stella


Astrophil & Stella

A Cosmic Love Story from Italy to the World. Perfumes by leading Master Perfumers.

The secret enchantment released by perfumes is told through the magical language of stars. Between charm and alchemy, Astrophil & Stella was born.

Astrophil & Stella, protagonists of the poetry collection by Sir Philip Sidney, became the core elements of a brand that combines

the magic of the stars with the charm of the essences. 


While the encounter between two dimensions is embodied in the name, which matches an astral term with one of a more sensory nature,

the alchemical imagery is revealed in the use of magical symbols.


The search for Italian artisinal companies led them to create a complete Made in Italy product.

Astrophil & Stella's Master Perfumers come from different backgrounds bringing with them experiences, continuous research and innovation,

with the goal of introducing new and exciting perfume blends.