Bravanariz has arrived at Indigo Perfumery

Ernesto Collado, the multi-talented founder of Bravanariz,is from the coastal region of Catalonia in northern Spain. As a theater maker and contemporary artist, he always swam against the current, fleeing from any type of label. He is the grandson of one of the most popular Spanish chemist perfumers and natural essential oils producers in the beginning of the 20th century and inherited an exceptional olfactory sensitivity and an unconditional love for plants.

Educated in Grasse, he completed his perfumery studies working with essential oil producers and old pupils from his grandfather. Self-taught botanist, avid poetry and philosophy reader and passionate communicator, he has turned all his eccentric creativity and never-ending fascination for nature into BRAVANARIZ.


Ernesto describes the process and harvesting:

We are nature. The methods we use to obtain the raw materials that we produce are handcrafted and without the use of chemical components. From the identification of local aromatic plants and their wild collection, to steam distillation and the production of tinctures and hydrolates. Everything is carried out manually and with the utmost respect for the plants and their environment.

For the production of our essential oils, tinctures, and hydrolates, we have wild collection contracts with various farms in the area. This ensures the enormous purity of our plants. These agreements are made under the framework of sustainable harvesting practices that follow the guidelines of the SUSTAINABLE HARVESTING PROTOCOL, designed by Sandra Saura Mas (biologist and environmentalist) exclusively for Bravanariz.”

Although we do not consider ourselves to be a perfume brand, it is easy and understandable to find ourselves labelled as such. Our position is not against traditional synthetic perfumery; simply put, we do something else. Our distinguishing trait has to do with a way of understanding the process and composition of our products, what we call ‘olfactory captures’ so as to not confuse consumers."


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