hima jomo at Indigo Perfumery

Indigo welcomes hima jomo to the United States!




hima jomo is a French house of exceptional natural perfumes inspired by the beauty of Himalaya, carefully crafted in Grasse, France.

The Himalayas are home to thousands of prodigious natural resources, brimming with extraordinary olfactory and sensory virtues. hima jomo invites you to slow down and be transported.

Paying homage to the diverse natural beauty of the Himalayan landscape, hima jomo presents contemporary perfumes inspired by the harmony found within the rich cultures, landscapes and traditions of this hidden sanctuary.

hima jomo's perfumes contain some of the most rare ingredients solely found in the mountain range. 

Meet the Season collection: four fragrances, each showcasing the Himalayan spring, summer, autumn and winter as a backdrop to this unique, fascinating location.  


Delphine Thierry, a Master Perfumer in natural perfumery, co-designed the collection with the founders, Vittoria Liu and Randry Glorieux, who share the same appreciation about aesthetics, nature and well-being. 

Delphine describes the journey: "I let my imagination wander on the splendours of the Himalayan nature, one of the last wild territories in the world where nature offers its most diversified and beautiful treasures. I also wanted to convey the benevolent and spiritual dimension of this cradle of peoples with age-old traditions. The common thread running through these 4 olfactory creations, and symbolizing the magnificence of its mountains, is the pine oil and pine resin."