Indigo IG Live with Les Indemodables July 18, 2021 1PM


You are invited to join Indigo this Sunday, July 18th at 1pm EDT, as we talk perfume with the couple behind Les Indémodables from Grasse, France! 

Meet Rémi and Valérie Pulvérail, who also own L'Atelier Français des Matières, the company that  sources and processes the exceptional essences that are used in the production of their perfumes.

 The extremely popular Vanille Havane, and others such as Cuir de Chine,

Rose de Jamal and Chypre Azural are known for their Grand Cru  ingredients, meaning of the highest quality.

They often work with Master Perfumer, Antoine Lie.

We hope you join us on IG Live- Sunday at 1pm!