Indigo Introduces Exaltatum on IG Live September 13, 2020



Meet Exaltatum on Indigo IG Live

September 13, 2020 1pm

Indigo invites you to join us Sunday, September 13th at 1pm (EDT) when we will live-stream discover our newest perfume line, Exaltatum.

Eglija Vaitkevice, Exaltatum's founder and perfumer, will introduce us to Divine Dancer, St. Paul’s, Ruby Wood, Mimosa Gold, Osmanthus Noble and Pergola.

We would like to review WITH you, so for all of you who already have the samples, we would love for you to join in and tell us what YOU think.

If you do not have them, you still have time to place your order:


Looking forward to having you join us for this fun event!

Meet you at Indigo Perfumery's Instagram page at 1pm (EDT) on September 13th ...