Indigo Perfume Pop-Up at Banyan Tree Crocker Park

Join Indigo Perfumery on February 7th at Banyan Tree's Crocker Park location

for a few hours of scent shopping unlike anything ever smelled at Crocker Park before!

Banyan Tree Crocker Park and Indigo will offer you the opportunity to experience the transformative power of perfume.

Indigo Perfumery carries over 45 lines of niche, indie and artisanal perfume;

all are exclusive to Indigo in the state of Ohio.  

While you are sniffing, check out the Banyan Tree's stunning lifestyle boutique, where you will find clothing and home decor as unique as Indigo's perfumes.

Move from the ordinary into the extraordinary!


Any questions?
Please call Indigo at 216-767-5563 or Banyon Tree at 440-471-7918.