Try a new fragrance today!

Indigo Perfumery's Fragrance and Perfume Sampling Program

Looking for a fresh, new scent to add to your perfume collection? Want a sample of that new fragrance that everyone is talking about? Dying to experience the seductive Slowdive perfume by Hiram Green? Indigo’s premier sampling program provides an opportunity to try before you buy.

We offer samples of every scent we carry, so feel free to explore and enjoy!

Each sample is created on demand to preserve its freshness.

We only use glass vials to maintain the quality and integrity of the oils.

Each mini fragrance vial is filled with 1 ml. of 100% authentic perfume- not diluted or decanted.

Most companies use messy and annoying daubers that spill all over upon opening. Our sample vials have a spray top, which allows for a true test of the fragrance.

      Here’s how the program works:

      Sample one at a time

      From the product page of the fragrance you’d like to try, select 1ml. spray sample (under size).


      Indigo Perfumery Sampler Set – the most popular option

      YOU choose 5 different perfume samples for $20. In your order, we include a coupon code for $10 off a purchase of one full bottle of any perfume in the set.  Click here to order.


      Join our SCENTED Program

      SCENTED is a monthly olfactory experience for perfume connoisseurs and those who would like to learn more about fragrance.

      Each month, we send three intriguing samples: 

      -a 2 ml. sample of one of Indigo's best, newest or most unusual perfumes, with extensive fragrance description, notes, and a coupon code for 15% off a full bottle of this perfume. 

      -a 1.5 ml. sample of a mystery fragrance with no label, no clues, no notes. You are automatically entered into that month’s Scents Unwrapped contest.  If you can guess the correct name of the mystery scent, you have a chance to win a full bottle of that perfume!

      - a 1 ml. surprise sample of Indigo's current crush. 

      Click here to join our SCENTED PROGRAM.


      Order now and begin your collection! You'll wonder why you ever ordered anywhere else!