Liis at Indigo Perfumery

 Alissa Sullivan and Leslie Hendin, Liis founders / creators

Liis... ethereal like a second skin

From Alissa and Leslie:

At the heart of Liis is beautiful, wearable fragrance, inspired by moments close to us. Genderless and worn daily as a second skin, Liis invites the wearer to experience and interpret scent as they wish — creating a world where anything is possible.

"Our scents are minimalist, with recognizable notes and thoughtful scent stories from our point of view. It’s gender neutral, but not “masculine.” We created a brand to love and share with others — incredibly thoughtful, beautiful, niche and inviting.

We are passionate about fragrance and the brand is freedom of expression for us as well as for the wearers. Scent is deeply inspiring — it is transformational and connects us to ourselves, our identity, emotion, mood, subconscious, to others, time and place. We love how scent is personal and open to interpretation.

Each scent is long lasting, not overpowering. Can be layered, or worn however the wearer wishes.

Our perfumes are formulated without preservatives, dyes, phthalates, sulfates or silicone. They are cruelty-free, vegan, allergy tested and adhere to IFRA and European formulation standards.

Each fragrance is blended with sustainably-sourced materials and made with naturally-derived, organic sugar cane alcohol farmed in the USA. Liis fragrances are made in California. Our palette combines the highest quality safe synthetic and natural essential oils for the most beautiful, long-lasting and unique fragrances."


In This World by Liis at Indigo