Meo Fusciuni at Indigo Perfumery

Meo Fusciuni at Indigo Perfumery

Meo Fusciuni Perfume at Indigo Perfumery

"It all starts with the smell, attentive listening: scent, memory and emotion.

With my eyes closed I try to listen, that subtle link between me and the chord created, as in the composition of a piece of music.

Aesthetics and balance.

This is how my work begins, this is how the birth of a perfume takes shape on my path.

Creating a perfume is like searching for oneself, telling the emotion of the experience and then sharing it with those who will one day choose that perfume.

Our story tells our life and our way of seeing the world through perfume. It traverses lives and worlds.

Our story is related to travel, we have been doing it since the beginning of our journey, traveling to know, traveling to meet each other and to grasp the different olfactory nuances of the world but also of life and thought.

Our story is related to poetry, the word before the molecule and storytelling as the body of perfume.

We believe that a perfume must first of all tell a story, an emotion.

Our story is linked to nature, the source of all our creation, connection and rootedness with the earth.

Our story is linked to the inner quest, to understand ourselves and our own nature.

Our story is linked to memory, which has roots far back in my path.

The Meo Fusciuni collection wants to tell a journey, we want to give a scent to emotion.

Ours is a journey into the vision of the future, the plant, poetry and perfume."     - Giuseppe Imprezzabile