001 by Bon Parfumeur

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001 by Bon Perfumeur at Indigo Perfumery

Bergamot ~ Petit Grain ~ Orange Blossom

Sparkling bergamot wakens from the start. At the heart, lavender marries with the softness of the orange blossom. The base notes reveal the wake of musk and orange blossom to provide a comfortable, ethereal effect.

Think coffee at sunrise, bursts of laughter, bright energy.

Top Notes: bergamot, lemon, mandarin, rosemary

Heart Notes: neroli, jasmine, lavender, petit grain

Base Notes: musk, orange blossom

Family: Aromatic, Citrus

Perfumer: Nathalie Koobus

30 ml. Eau de Parfum, 50 ml. bottle with personalized label**, 1 ml. spray sample

**Please indicate your label name of the 50 ml. bottle in the NOTE Additional comments box on the upper right of the Cart page.

Customer Reviews

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What J said above

I agree with the above review. I get 4711 and soap big time. This is one I really see as unisex. 001 is not one I would wear. But imo that does not mean one takes the stars away. What is more individual & idiosyncratic than what perfume someone loves? It smells quality through & through. I note at Bon Perfumeur's website they did an advent calendar! I am very into fountain pens & have been enjoying an Inkvent calendar so much this year. How fun would a perfume advent calendar be some year...??? PS Indigo's Scents program is very like that idea, and tons of fun!!

Neorli Nirvana

You're going to see reviews out there that compare 4711 to CDG's Cologne Citrico . You're going to see Cologne Citrico compared TF's Neroli Portifino . Your also going to see Malle's Cologne Indelebile put into the white floral/citrus aromatic too. The one that isn't , but certainly should be, is Bon Parfumeur's 001 . The first two mentioned 4711 and Citrico have small comparison's , but they change considerable after that. 4711 is not know for it's longevity at all . Citrico has more of a likeness to 001 , but because of the nature of the fragrance itself , although performance being better than 4711 , it really doesn't last either . Neroli Portifino does hold the white floral and neroli , but it's beauty is ephemeral also. 001 seems to be in the balance between Portifino and Citrico , but the performance in holding the opening aspect of Citrico and the neroli/jasmine of Portifino make's 001 the best contender of all combined . If you're looking for a good neroli , you certainly should sample Bon Parfumeur's 001 . best wishes all

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