Amorem Rose by S H A L I N I at Indigo

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AMOREM ROSE by S H A L I N I at Indigo Perfumery

“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

I love you as the plant that never blooms but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers;

Thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance, risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body.”

Pablo Neruda

Amorem Rose is an ode to love, the greatest love…

The Rose has the highest love energy of all the flowers, often referred to as the Queen of Flowers, the symbol of the divine feminine love.

Amorem Rose is the most opulent rose parfum with an element of smoke. The smoke brings a sense of mystery and intrigue reminiscent of a great love… the love that touches your soul deeply and alters your very being.

The parfum is a glorious composition of Bulgarian rose, Saffron flowers, Baltic amber and Mahogany wood.

The Damask Rose which grows in the magical “Rose Valley” in Bulgaria is considered the most fragrant, exquisite and opulent of all roses. It is the “heart” of Amorem Rose.

Saffron flowers bring a golden light to the parfum, and are reminiscent of the orient and grandeur.

Baltic amber and Mahogany wood bring the element of smoke and intrigue while creating a balance to the beautiful floral of the Damask rose.

Amorem Rose is composed by Maurice Roucel as a poem dedicated to the greatest love stories.

This is the third parfum in a series created by Shalini and Maurice and the three parfums reflect the changing moods and passions of the soul.

Amorem Rose is presented in the limited edition Lalique crystal flacon ”Les Hirondelles”.

The swallows are symbolic of joy, happiness and love. 


NOTES: Oud, Bulgarian Rose Damascena, Saffron, Mahogany Wood, Baltic Amber  

Family: Floral

Perfumer: Maurice Roucel

PURE PARFUM, available in .5 ounce (15 ml.), .25 ounce (7.5 ml.).

ALSO AVAILABLE as a special order are:

Lalique crystal flacon Les Hirondelles  2.2 ounce (65 ml.)  $3000

White lacquer and gold-plated travel spray  .4 ounce (12.5 ml.)  $415

Cubique glass bottle with glass stopper  1.7 ounce (50 ml.)  $500

Cubique glass bottle w black bulb atomizer 1.7 ounce (50 ml.)  $500

PLEASE NOTE: Amorem Rose is not eligible for inclusion in the Indigo Perfumery Sampler. 

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