B683 Extrait

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B683 Extrait by Marc-Antoine Barrois at Indigo

With the reinterpretation of B683, Marc-Antoine Barrois and perfumer, Quentin Bisch, offer a dive into the most sensual character of B683, an immersion at the heart of this perfume and its signature: the warmth and the depth of a woody-leathery accord.

Here it gains intensity to become an authentic “patchouli leather.” Around that, other notes of the composition sublimate the different facets of this matter with tactile sensuality.

Pepper and cumin offer the vibration of their spicy accents, oud wood enhances the density of the accord while the vanilla brightens it with a caressing roundness. 

The top note is spicy and liquorish with pepper berries essence, cumin seeds and green apple. The heart, leathery and a bit animalic, is created with with safraleine, violet leaf and natural oud from Laos (ethically sourced). The base is warm and woody, concentrating the scents of patchouli from Indonesia, sandalwood from Australia and vanilla.


TOP NOTES: Pepper berries essence, Cumin seeds essence, Green apple accord

HEART NOTES: Safraleine, Absolute violet leaf, Oud

BASE NOTES: Patchouli heart Indonesia Orpur, Sandalwood Album essence Australia Orpur, Vanilla 

40% concentrated extrait 

50 ml. Extrait, 1 ml. spray sample

Perfumer: Quentin Bisch

 **B683 is formulated without any preservative or UV filter. It is packaged without cellophane or cushioning foam. The packaging is made in France and is 100% recyclable.

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