Bengale Rouge by Papillon

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$ 5.00
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Bengale Rouge by Papillon at Indigo

Bengale Rouge is inspired by one of Liz’s beloved Bengal cats and the evocative scent of warm, sun-lit fur.  

It has received fab reviews on the perfume blog circuits and our customers.

Papillon is a true artisanal perfumery and when they run out, it takes a while for their perfumes to come back in stock. Liz  allows the proper amount of time for them to macerate, and although it is lengthy, it is worth it.

NOTES:  Turkish Rose – Indian Sandalwood – Orris Butter – Labdanum – Oakmoss – Tonka – Honey – Vanilla – Benzoin – Sweet Myrrh

50 ml. EdP, 1 ml. spray sample

Family: Floral

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