Bistro Waters

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Bistro Waters by DS & Durga at Indigo Perfumery

David describes: "I need a savory perfume water on the fly! Six bell pepper specials all day chef! Lime blossom Peartini zhuzhed with nutmeg! Our 2-top VIP just arrived in a pea green coupe!

I came of age working in NYC restaurants. Working in food service forever influences your understanding of the world. You’re literally in “the place to be” in the frenzy of service (8:30 on a Friday night).

This is a snapshot of a 90s-00s NY Bistro when tourists ordered peartinis, veggies got fancy, & people wore fresh aquatic fumes.


Top Notes: lime flower water, coriander seed, pear

Heart Notes: mandarin, bell pepper, pea flower

Base Notes: basil, nutmeg, moss water

50 ml EDP, 1 ml. spray sample in glass vial


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