Classic Opoponax

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Classic Opoponax by von Eusersdorff at Indigo Perfumery 

A rich, sweet Oriental, it is perfect for the warm summer heat that helps to articulate its nuances.


Classic Opoponax opens with a rose/jasmine combination that deftly moves into the heart of its objective: a resinous, balsamic sweet myrrh. Benzoin and sandalwood accent the headiness.


Its longevity is enhanced by the amber/vanilla/patchouli base, with a bit of castoreum thrown in for depth.


Top notes: Rose, Jasmine

Heart notes: Opoponax (also known as Sweet Myrrh or Opobalsam), Sandalwood, Benzoin

Base notes: Castoreum, Amber, Patchouli, Vanilla

Family: Oriental, Woody

100 ml. EdP spray 


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