Disco Queen

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Disco Queen by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz for Cafleurebon

Disco Queen is a collaboration between CaFleureBon's Michelyn Camen and Perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz to celebrate the 13th birthday of CaFleureBon. They wanted to create a fragrance that would immediately transport you to a more carefree party era while reflecting the best of modern vintage.

An exuberant and sparkling fruity-aldehydic, floral dance odyssey that feels both fabulously of the moment and vintage inspired.  

Disco Queen is filled with youthful exuberance, dancing sensations, and the excitement of one’s first real independence.  She opens brightly with a burst of Bellini and aldehydes in the opening and a sexy base that references the glamor of vintage Calandre (a la one of the the kings of disco fashion, Paco Rabanne).  It’s as dazzling as a disco ball making the room feel as though it’s filled with stars and possibility.

Top Notes: Aldehydes, Bellini accord, Bergamot, Hyacinth

Heart Notes: Muguet / Lily of the Valley, Bulgarian Rose absolute, Egyptian Rose Geranium, Grandiflorum Jasmine, Virginia Cedar

Base Notes: Australian Sandalwood, Siam Benzoin, Amber, Brazilian Vetiver, Green Oakmoss, Musk  


Family: Aldehydic Fruity Floral Chypre

30 ml. EdP, 1 ml. glass spray sample

Perfumer: Dawn Spencer Hurwitz


For more information and inspiration, visit CaFleureBon's April 25th post: 

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