D.S. & Durga Deluxe Box Set

$ 250.00
$ 250.00
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New In!  D.S. & Durga Deluxe Box Set

Just in time for the holidays!


6 x 10 ml. miniature perfumes for stupendous armchair travel

Includes six of DS & Durga's best in mini 10 ml. classic "top-hat" bottles:

I Don't Know What, Pistachio, Debaser, Jazmìn Yucatan, Cowboy Grass, Radio Bombay 

From the perfumer:

"If you look at this ridiculously cute mini D.S. & Durga bottles, and you don't want to own one, I'm not sure we could ever be close friends."


I Don't Know What: a modern, transparent fume

Pistachio: think green and go nuts- sweetness dosed delicately

Debaser: symphonic fig with green pear stem and tonka bean

Jazmìn Yucatan: tropical jazmìn

Cowboy Grass: a dirty/leathery herbal vetiver

Radio Bombay: radiant modern sandalwood- works anywhere, anytime


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