Encore Une Fois

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Encore Une Fois by Art de Parfum at Indigo

A special limited edition, Encore Une Fois (meaning "one more time") is a special limited edition and won’t be made again once this small batch runs out.

Inspired by creator Ruta Degutyte’s love of the earthy, organic smells of the ocean, the scent focuses on ethically recreating the scent of the famous grey amber, otherwise known as ambergris.

Art de Parfum perfumes are proudly cruelty-free and the brand uses ambroxan to supply the salty, airy, sweet nuances of ambergris. Introduced by a fresh, bitter citrus opening, the earthy notes of ambergris suffuses the composition with a soft-focus, golden glow. It smells like salt on tanned shoulders after a day at the beach. This freshness is charmingly contrasted with the velvety darkness of the smoky balsams, resins, and patchouli in the base. Peppery, woody, and balsamic, the scent uses Nature’s most precious oils and absolutes to recreate the salty intimacy of just-loved skin.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Orange flower leaves

Heart Notes: Violet, Incense, Peony, Muguet, Saffron flower

Bottom Notes: Ambergris, Patchouli, Cedar, Benjoin, Peru balsam, Caramel, White Musk

Family: Balsamic, Woody

50 ml. Perfume Extrait spray, 1 ml. spray sample in glass vial


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