Fleur de Lalita by Dusita

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Fleur de Lalita: a breathtaking floral by Dusita at Indigo Perfumery

The opening: The heart-stopping blend of heavenly flowers: Rose de Mai and Grandiflorum Jasmine with heavenly Magnolia Absolute, sweet undertones of rare Lilium Candid, and lively, fresh green Galbanum, balanced by intense Indonesian Ylang Ylang Extra.

At the heart: Warm, woody notes of Indian Ambrette Seed, its addictive muskiness enriched by a unique, sweet floral accord. 

Base notes: A long lasting dry-down achieved in delicious harmony. Rich, balsamic Vanilla Absolute from Madagascar, euphoric woodiness of Mysore’s Sandalwood, the warm aphrodisiac fragrance of Tonka Beans and a seductive, earthy hint of Ambergris.

Perfumer: Pissara Umavijani 

50 ml. EXTRAIT spray, 7.5 ml. travel size and 1 ml. glass spray sample

"Can a thing wholesome, entire, be made in a kiss, an embrace: O my blindness to clutch the dividend!"                                                               -Montri Umavijani

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