Ganymede Extrait by Marc-Antoine Barrois

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Ganymede Extrait by Marc-Antoine


Inspired by Greek Mythology and Jupiter’s largest moon, full of craters housing an underground ocean, vaster than all the oceans of the earth put together.

The perfume’s creators, Marc-Antoine Barrois and Quentin Bisch, imagined an olfactive and sensory stroll where one finds themselves in a field of everlasting flowers. Heat is radiating off the sun with wind picking up gusts of sand encapsulating an aroma of  incense and myrrh amidst the mineralic air and crashing waves in the distance. The firey heart of this fragrance embodies Ganymede, who in Greek Mythology was given eternal life so that his beauty may never fade.

Please note: Marc-Antoine Barrois bottles feature a delicate printing process and minor cosmetic defects and scratches may occur. 

Notes: Everlasting flower, Incense, Myrrh, Safraleine, Akigalawood, Mandarin

Perfumer:  Quentin Bisch

50 ml. Extrait de Parfum spray and 1 ml. glass spray sample

Family: Woody, Green, Leathery 

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