Hola! Scents of Spain Sampler

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Having recently returned from Spain, we were inspired by the myriad of scents in the beautiful cities of Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.

Indigo interprets the Spanish palette of scents…



Rivages Noirs by Pierre Guillaume

With “Black Shores,” this spicy-woody composition represents the best of Spain: its impressively large Mediterranean coastline, its radiant spices and bracing scent of cypress and pine.


Saffron- Dark Galleon candle by Arquiste

Rare spices (with saffron as the star), exotic incense, sweet-smelling tropical woods and rich Spanish leather deliver Spain’s intoxicating spirit of voyages and discovery.


Pine- WINTER by Dasein

Traveling outside of the Spanish cities, one encounters great fragrant forests of pine. On the hills and mountains… they are intoxicating.


Oranges- Classic Orange by Von Eusersdorff

Step anywhere in Seville (known as Sevilla in Spain) in early spring and the orange trees are blooming with their heady aroma. Even the hotel soaps bring the outdoor blooms in.


Oleander- Sirena by Floris

Not all oleanders have the stirring fragrance of the white oleanders, but the oleanders in Spain proudly display their perfume of a warm, sunny day.


Rose- Rose Bohème by Providence Perfume Co.

Think deep red, spirited, flamenco… this bohemian, full bodied rose scent is the fragrance of passion.


Sea- Brezza di Mare by i Profumi di Firenze

Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to its South and East, the sea has always been an important part of life for many Spaniards. Salty air, sweetened with warm sand and delicate coconut, Brezza di Mare will transport you with its breath of the seaside.


Spice markets- Tan-Tan by Coquillete Paris

The Spanish explorers introduced the world to Spain, bringing back great quantities of enticing spices. Tan-Tan, named after the Moroccan province just across the sea from Spain, reveals its zesty notes from the land, the sea and the sand.



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