Honey Oud

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Honey Oud, one of Floris’s exclusive Private Collection, has been developed using Oud, one of the world’s rarest and most prestigious perfume ingredients. Launched in September, 2014 with Harrods, Honey Oud's oud oil, among the most expensive oils in the perfumer's palette, is obtained from a certified sustainable source of agarwood. It is an opulent, deep sensual note that combines beautifully with rose and sandalwood.


Honey Oud opens with a gourmand accord of English honey and vanilla which combine to add a velvet softness to the oud oil and accentuate the rose at the heart of this complex fragrance. 


Notes: English Honey, Vanilla, Oud, Rose, Sandalwood

Family: Woody oriental

100 ml. EdP Spray

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