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Hyde by Hiram Green at Indigo Perfumery

Hiram Green’s Hyde is a sensual and addictively mesmerising leather-themed fragrance. It won the 2019 IAO Artisan Award.

Hyde opens with a strong burst of bright lemon and bergamot.
These cheerful notes then clash with the dry and sharp scent of
birch tar, reminiscent of burned wood - and cassie, an opulent
flower with intense green and spicy nuances. Both form a vibrant
leather note with powerful depth and intense appeal. This beating
heart is embraced by a warm and elegant base of smoky
labdanum and malt vanilla melting into earthy oakmoss.

Seductive and challenging, Hyde is an ode to all those adventure-seeking souls – a unisex fragrance perfect for day and night.

This Eau de Parfum is handcrafted out of entirely natural ingredients. 


Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon

Heart Notes: Birch Tar, Cassie

Base Notes: Labdanum, Vanilla, Oakmoss

Family: leather

50 ml. EdP spray bottle, 1 ml. sample in glass spray bottle

Ann describes Hyde:

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Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous Smoky Leather!

Being an ardent fan of Hiram Green fragrances, I had to try Hyde. What a great name, to begin with! I was hesitant about the birch tar at first, and on the first wearing it did come across as a bit challenging, but any harshness soon smoothed out into a delectable smoky leather. Hyde is akin to curling up in an ample burnished leather armchair by a smoldering fireplace, the atmosphere just touched by dry vanilla and honey. Then several hours in a gorgeous floral bouquet that to me is reminiscent of Moon Bloom rises to the surface, like the dreamy memories of sultry summer nights, touched always by rich leathery smokiness. Hyde steadily grew on me until at the third wearing I thoroughly loved it. I get superb longevity (this is an all natural fragrance!) and robust but not overpowering sillage. It lasts for days on fabric. In my opinion, Hyde is an excellent perfume to try for anyone who admires Hiram Green or smoky leather fragrances.

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