Iris Ebene

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Iris Ebène by Atelier Materi at Indigo Perfumery

The roots of the iris plant are peeled by hand, washed, air-dried, and ultimately, after a long period of storage, distilled. It takes six years to produce the essence, which makes iris one of the most precious raw materials in perfumery. Its delicate, powdery fragrance evokes shades of violet, mimosa and carrot with buttery and woody accents.

IRIS EBÈNE brings out the sensual, enveloping fragrance of iris in a blend of various woods, balsams and musks. The end result, a gentle, voluptuous, textured leather fragrance, yields a trail as comfortable and addictive as a cashmere sweater.

Floral, Leather

Top notes: Red mandarin, Petitgrain mandarin, Allspice

Heart notes: Pink pepper, Iris, Suede

Base notes: Balsam of Peru, Sandalwood, Leather musk

100 ml. EdP, 1 ml. spray sample

Perfumer: Marie Hugentobler

(Formerly called Cuir d'Iris)

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