Le Ciel by Floratropia

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Le Ciel by Floratropia at Indigo Perfumery


Weightless flowers

The air, the flesh, the light of the flowers, relieved of their weight, not of their matter. A soft woody floral with wispy, almost atmospheric contours.


THE FLORETTE SPRAY 20ml: Portable and refillable, the Florette spray can accompany you everywhere. Already filled and ready to perfume, you can easily refill it with our Perfume Resources.
Lacquered glass spray bottle • Paper labels & recycled fiber cardboard case • Vegetable-based ink printing & Imprim'vert label


Minimal and carbon optimized, the Resource is our radical and conscious choice to limit packaging and concentrate the value of the product in the beauty of perfume.
To be used alone, as a refill, or to match one of our perfume kits, vintage bottles, or a bottle of your choice. 


Notes:  Geranium Egypt**, Carrot Seeds France*, Ambrette Seeds Salvador**, Iris Morocco, Cassie Flowers Egypt, Osmanthus China, Sandalwood New Caledonia**, Tonka Bean Venezuela**  in 100% natural organic wheat alcohol

(*organic certification, **partnership ethics)

Family: Floral, Woody, Soft

18% EdP concentration

Perfumer: Delphine Thierry


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