Lost Alice

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Lost Alice by Masque Milano at Indigo Perfumery

IV – I
A frabjous olfactory journey into too much black pepper, white roses (painted red), mad tea and carrot cakes.

Act IV Scene I

The inspiration for Lost Alice comes from Chapter Seven – A Mad Tea-Party, where one could almost smell the Hatter’s tea, milk, bread and butter, served in a bucolic setting. Add some scones to complete a very Brit cream tea, and the magic is complete.


“SMELL ME” (Head Notes): Bergamot, Ambrette Seed LMR, Clary Sage France LMR, Too Much Black Pepper*

“DRINK ME” (Heart Notes): Carrot Heart LMR, Orris Concrete LMR, English Tea, White Roses (Painted Red)

“EAT ME” (Bottom Notes): Sandalwood India LMR, Broom Absolute Italy LMR, Fleur de Lait (Steamed Milk Accord)

* …and, no, the black pepper is not too much. It is balanced to perfection!

35 ml. EdP, 1 ml. glass spray vial 

Interpreted by  Mackenzie Reilly, Perfumer

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