Manifest Body Oil by Provision Scents

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$ 68.00
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Manifest Body Oil by Provision Scents at Indigo Perfumery


Anoint yourself in moisture from your crown to your toes with this sumptuous blend of liquid shea butter and avocado oil. Infused with labdanum absolute, this deeply meditative scent lingers softly on your skin.

~Shea Butter Extract is a new shea liquid that is naturally rich, yet readily absorbed for a silky skin feel. It is a superior moisturizer and conditioner delivering visible results.

~Provision’s “Triple A” oil blend: Avocado oil, Almond oil and Amla oil

~Labdanum Absolute

~Vanilla Absolute

~Patchouli gives you a sense of protection, grounding, sophistication and sensuality.

Use with intention: Massage into damp or dry skin for lasting hydration. For intensive moisture, apply a generous amount of oil to freshly exfoliated skin. Let moisture-rich liquid shea soak into your skin then sink into a warm bath. Regular use will keep skin ultra soft and supple.

100ml / 3.4 fl oz

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